Antenatal Classes

TOPIC 1: Pregnancy and COVID19

Q & A answered by Dr Mark Sebritz

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Pregnancy and COVID19 continued with Dr Mark Sebritz

Part 2 with Dr Mark Sebritz

Topic 2: Pregnancy and Back pain with Annegret Wilsdorf

View the Full interview on Pregnancy and Back pain, here

Topic 2: Pregnancy and Back pain with Annegret Wilsdorf

View the Full interview on Pregnancy and Back pain, here

Topic 3: Physiotherapy & Breastfeeding with Dominique Leclercq

WEBINAR 1: Preparing yourself for childbirth

Topic 4: Mental Health and Pregnancy with Dr V Thompson, Clinical Psychologist


WEBINAR 2: Returning to Exercising and Running Postpartum

TOPIC: Importance of Nutrition during Pregnancy

TOPIC: The importance of the 12 Week Scan

WEBINAR 3: Breastfeeding

TOPIC: Tips on how to lose weight after giving birth

WEBINAR 4: Baby Massaging and Relaxation Techniques to help treat Colic and Winds

TOPIC: What you can expect in your Baby's first month of life

WEBINAR 5: Everything you need to know about your Pelvic Floor

TOPIC: What you need to know about Newborns

TOPIC: Danger signs and general information about pregnancy

WEBINAR 6: Pre-Term Babies. What you need to know and how to manage Pre-Term babies

TOPIC: 12 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

TOPIC: Birthing Plans

TOPIC: Tests during Pregnancy

WEBINAR 7: Labour Pain Management

TOPIC: The 4th Trimester known as the "Golden Hour"

TOPIC: Birthing position for Baby


WEBINAR: How to deal with Breastfeeding problems


TOPIC: Breastfeeding Continued


TOPIC: How to try to have a good birth


TOPIC: General Baby Care


TOPIC: General Baby Care Continued


TOPIC: Postnatal Depression


WEBINAR: Postnatal Depression


TOPIC: The difference between Colic and Winds


TOPIC: First Aid Kit


WEBINAR: Clinic Visits and Vaccines


WEBINAR: The Development of Baby during Pregnancy


WEBINAR: Pregnancy Niggles and Why it's good to have them


WEBINAR: Stages of Labour


WEBINAR: Pain Relief and Coping Strategies during Labour


WEBINAR: Preparing the Perineum for Birth


WEBINAR: Birthing Positions



WEBINAR: Warning Signs in Pregnancy



WEBINAR: The importance of microbes in pregnancy and birth



Antenatal Class: Baby Bathing



WEBINAR: Breastfeeding and getting it right from the start



WEBINAR: First 2 weeks at home with a newborn



Antenatal Class: Teething



Antenatal Class: Constipation in Infants and Toddlers



Webinar: Stemcell Storing



Antenatal Class: The First Year Survival Kit



Webinar: Going Back to Work

Antenatal Class: High Risk Pregnancy Conditions in Pre Labour and Pre Eclampsia

Webinar: Baby Necessities

Antenatal Class: When to go to hospital for Labour

Antenatal Class: Sun care for Infants and Kids

Webinar: Breast Changes and What to Expect

Antenatal Class: Vaginal infections during Pregnancy

Webinar: Post Care for Moms

Webinar: Caesarean Birth and Recovery

Antenatal Class: Dealing with Blocked noses and snotties in Babies and Toddlers

Antenatal Class: Managing Colds and Flu during Pregnancy

Webinar: The Importance of Skin-to-skin

Antenatal: Cracked nipples during breastfeeding

Webinar: Breastfeeding Positions

Webinar: Breastfeeding - How to know if your baby is full or still hungry

Antenatal Class: Baby Milestones