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TOPIC: COVID19 and Pregnancy with Dr Mark Siebritz

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Pregnancy and COVID19 Continued (Part 1) with Dr Mark Siebritz

The Final Q&A on Pregnancy and COVID19 (continued Part 2) with Dr Mark Siebritz


TOPIC: Pregnancy and Back pain with Annegret Wilsdorf

View the FULL interview with Physiotherapist, Annegret Wilsdorf here

TOPIC: Mental Health and Pregnancy with Dr V. Thompson, Clinical Psychologist

Webinar 2: Returning to Exercising and Running Postpartum

TOPIC: Importance of Nutrition during Pregnancy

Webinar 3: Breastfeeding

TOPIC: How to lose weight after giving birth

Webinar 4: Baby Massaging and Relaxation Techniques

TOPIC: What to expect in your baby's first month of life!